by Swarms And The Sun

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quiet birdsongs
wild birdsongs
loving birdsongs
leaving birdsongs
losing birdsongs
longing birdsongs
all recorded in my bedroom


released July 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Swarms And The Sun Romania

Swarms And The Sun is a one-man dream pop/alt/post-rock project from Transylvania, Romania. Recorded the first album, Longings, in a bedroom.
Songs about loving, leaving, longing.

More info and updates: www.facebook.com/swarmsandthesun/
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Track Name: Nothing From Something (The Fall)
wrapped around so close
as the folds of the world
all of a sudden
start to unfold

I turn for a grasp
but everything's gone
bound to become
what right did go wrong?

but these lands are new to me
it's hard to see what's left
getting used to being free
as the arms I spread get bent

lonely stray, turn around
sun will reach you out,
you'll come unbound
please stay,
you’re not theirs to claim
sun will reach you out
you'll come unbound

the stilness of choirs
hatched in the bosom of void
run wild through the garden
unheard are the songs of their voice

forged in old fire
left burning in new flames
we're cast shadows on the wall
by the lights at the edge of the world

this is not what I chose to be
it’s hard to see what’s left of me
but these hearts will rise so high
they’ll crack the sky, you’ll see

lonely stray, turn around
sun will reach you out,
you'll come unbound
please stay,
you’re not theirs to claim
sun will reach you out
you'll come unbound

hot ashes and fires
hopes and desires
my honey and my milk teeth
got to hold them underneath
Track Name: Wildflower
these hands, you see, are all crooked and frail
grow light, wildflower

wish I never left the belly of the whale
grow light, wildflower

but if I cannot find my way in and sprout
grow light, wildflower

stars will guide my own way out
grow light, wildflower

stay safe from these birds of prey,
you’ll find a way
don’t let the fire in your eyes fade
you’ll find a way
constellations will stay the same
you’ll find your way
but I swallowed my own tongue and tale
give me birth again
Track Name: Flying Lessons
when I learned how to walk
I forgot how to stay
when I learned how to fly
I left alone on my way
Track Name: Distances (Passiflora Blooming)
you’re showing me life
I’m colorblind
wings are drawn to the side
seeking peace of mind
things will turn out right if you’ll follow
the sweetwaters within

but the place you long for
such a little world
where the flowers you love hardly ever grow
dance in small spaces with shadows
that no one gets to know

I’ll try to come through
what more can I do
and light will illuminate and flare (over)
the shades that we share

you lift me up
I drag you down
that thing you said
it’s lost, not to be found
that place of mine, where you feel me
and watch me fool around

gone into thin air
I’ll be gone just before the dawn
it’s farewell, waves inside begin to swell
hands shake and walls tear

take care, take care, take care

goodbye, but in your flight
go towards the white light
now there is no time
for wonders and miracles
oh, will you be so kind
to hear my prayer
at the crown of the mountain you will find
Track Name: Longings (Corplacorp)
your palms, your bones, your arms
will outgrow me
my knees up to my chest, the trees
devouring our nest

but near your mind, all bends unwind
I need you
when mouths collide
stay by my side
let nothing in between
keep your heart evergreen

the strength we’ll get as one
believe me, towers will fall and crash under our song
from all the things I dread
you leaving cracks me up, I’d have my body struck instead

you speak in tongues
I’m painted blue
but in the darkness we’re both the same
I’ll know no shame
won’t be afraid
when I’m with you
I know what’s true

what’s true…?
what’s true…
when I’m with you

the hunter strikes our sky
you try but hounds are seizing, shots tear down your flight
now let me be your rest, relieve me
we’ll hold back time just by holding our breath

you speak in tongues
I’m painted blue
but in the darkness we’re both the same
I’ll know no shame
won’t be afraid
if I’m with you
love will endure – endure, endure

ce-aproape suntem amândoi
între noi
e-o luptă corp la corp
iubire corp la corp

ce departe suntem amândoi
între noi
e-o luptă corp la corp
iubire corp la corp
Track Name: Voyage/Butterfly Étude
I’ve been trying hard to reach you
now you’re giving up
and the brightest of your eyes has left me blind

so I can no longer see
oh, what might have been
your look lost all its blue, my air is thin

thousands of years gazing
and travelling with the light
have led me to the darkest void of night

where arms are shivering under the horror
how I miss fading into you
daughter of darkness, grip all the sorrow
hold my hand and get me through

those fuzzy dance moves turn light to dust
you’re fading into me
I lost your wavelenght right at the dusk
please, shine on and let me be

I’m fading into you
hold my hand and get me through
you’re fading into me
please, shine on and let me be

so much of the time we just mistreat
and leave beloved ones wander with cold feet
silent passengers in the backseat
missing every chance to finally speak

the time's up
though you had much more stories to tell
oh, I can’t tell
if you were fighting demons in your shell
the skies swell over me

you hide behind the night, beautiful one
as though there is something yet to be said
chords that coalesced now come undone
let echoes pass your soul before they're gone
Track Name: St. Jude (Have Hope)
it takes many thousands of miles
to understand
that giving and taking
don’t go hand in hand

but I can no longer
tell one
from another
it takes so much love
to love me
to love me

and now I just wonder
my hands get so rough
am I being enough
am I loving enough

did you know
that in the darkest
of nights
you’re my white

have hope
for in the blackest
of your eyes
there’s moonlight
Track Name: Rest Your Wings Now
remember when you stopped believing
turned your face away from sun
what use in being unforgiving
it’s kindness all revolves around

sleep now, you little one
sleep now
rest your wings now, you little one
sleep now

if here under the light you will now sleep
tomorrow you’ll wake up with eyes that see
when sun will rise it all will be forgiven
a churchbell ringing for the unbeliever
Track Name: Something From Nothing (White Feather)
with all these sails that I’ve blown
lost the thread that led back home
now you’re finding me all alone

how I tossed, how I turned
inside out, upside down
will I fit in this brave new world

bit my tail in a twirl
I lost myself at sea
misguided by the sirens’ sing

let yourself just be
for you are dearer to me than ever
finally open up your wings white-feathered, white feather
Track Name: Eleison (Have Heart)
where there is hatred let me scatter love
if your sorrow’s aided, that for me’s enough
when you’re feeling lost I’ll grab you by the hand
oh, I’ve tried to mend but don’t you understand?

the closer that I get the more afraid
that loving will be ending in heartbreak
you’re asking me to put my heart at stake
sweet ache

on every little bruise that’s on your skin
feel the pain of those who harmed but did not mean
those weary hearts will fall to ground like stones
raising glass cathredrals where there once were wars

the fear of pain hurts more than pain alone
fighting these windmills just makes them grow
life coming to standstill under their shadow
friend or foe?

we are one
great ocean streaming life
unbounded by time
be kind
for every deed of light
turns back to you,
great ocean streaming life
unbounded by space
for every harm that waits
will turn back to you

((the circle of life spins onwards forevermore stirring us into
the circle of life spinning onwards evermore stirring us into))

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